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Moon Sun
UTC: Tuesday, December 05, 2023,05:04

How does this map work?

  • A picture of the Sun's zenith position, measured from the observer's vantage point (zenith).
  • As seen from the perspective of an observer, the position of the moon is at its zenith.
  • The time on the map is in the UTC Time Zone.
  • The moon icon on the map changes according to the moon phase.
  • There is light that you see on the map, and it is the light that comes from the sun (daylight).

The closest locations to the sun (zenith) coordinates

These below are the closest locations to the sun's zenith location on the earth map. So the distance below isn't the distance between a location on earth and the sun. Instead, it's the distance between the sun's coordinates on earth and the closest locations to the sun's zenith location.

Location DistanceFrom Moon coordinates on The Map Degree Direction
Bukit Merah 1,781.02 km 26° North Northeast
Addu City 1,936.97 km 318° Northwest
Alor Setar 2,008.59 km 16° North Northeast
Cap Malheureux 2,221.83 km 273° West
Anuradhapura 2,225.64 km 339° North Northwest
Ainaro 2,390.38 km 68° East Northeast
Bandar Seri Begawan 2,408.20 km 40° Northeast
Biên Hòa 2,473.94 km 23° North Northeast
Bangkok 2,521.61 km 13° North Northeast
Angkor 2,561.32 km 18° North Northeast