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North America

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South America

Wed 05:15 AMWed 06:15 AMWed 07:15 AMWed 08:15 AM


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World Times

Time Time Zone Countries
Wed01:15:51 AM UTC-10 1 Country
Wed02:15:51 AM UTC-9 1 Country
Wed03:15:51 AM UTC-8 1 Country
Wed04:15:51 AM UTC-7 3 Country
Wed05:15:51 AM UTC-6 10 Country
Wed06:15:51 AM UTC-5 9 Country
Wed07:15:51 AM UTC-4 20 Country
Wed08:15:51 AM UTC-3 6 Country
Wed08:45:51 AM UTC-2.5 1 Country
Wed10:15:51 AM UTC-1 1 Country
Wed11:15:51 AM UTC+0 14 Country
Wed12:15:51 PM UTC+1 18 Country
Wed01:15:51 PM UTC+2 41 Country
Wed02:15:51 PM UTC+3 34 Country
Wed02:45:51 PM UTC+3.5 1 Country
Wed03:15:51 PM UTC+4 8 Country
Wed03:45:51 PM UTC+4.5 1 Country
Wed04:15:51 PM UTC+5 7 Country
Wed04:45:51 PM UTC+5.5 2 Country
Wed05:00:51 PM UTC+5.75 1 Country
Wed05:15:51 PM UTC+6 5 Country
Wed05:45:51 PM UTC+6.5 1 Country
Wed06:15:51 PM UTC+7 7 Country
Wed07:15:51 PM UTC+8 10 Country
Wed08:15:51 PM UTC+9 7 Country
Wed08:45:51 PM UTC+9.5 1 Country
Wed09:15:51 PM UTC+10 4 Country
Wed09:45:51 PM UTC+10.5 1 Country
Wed10:15:51 PM UTC+11 5 Country
Wed11:15:51 PM UTC+12 6 Country
Thu12:00:51 AM UTC+12.75 1 Country
Thu12:15:51 AM UTC+13 2 Country

Local Times Around the World

Current world time for all countries is provided. Some of these countries have multiple time zones because they are on various continents with different time zones. In the table below, we show the time based on each country's capital. For more information on the different time zones in a country, click on the names.

Local Times in Asia Countries

Time Location
Wed03:45 PM Afghanistan, Alexandria Prophthasia
Wed03:15 PM Armenia, Artaxata
Wed03:15 PM Azerbaijan, Agdash
Wed02:15 PM Bahrain, East Hidd City
Wed05:15 PM Bangladesh, B-baria, Bangladesh
Wed05:15 PM Bhutan, Mongar
Wed07:15 PM Brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan
Wed06:15 PM Cambodia, Angkor
Wed07:15 PM China, Anqing
Wed05:15 PM China, Baiyin
Wed08:15 PM East Timor, Ainaro
Wed03:15 PM Georgia, Akhalkalaki
Wed04:45 PM India, Abohar
Wed07:15 PM Indonesia, Ambon
Wed08:15 PM Indonesia, Jayapura
Wed06:15 PM Indonesia, Bagansiapiapi
Wed02:45 PM Iran, Abadan
Wed02:15 PM Iraq, Afak
Wed02:15 PM(DST) Israel, Acre
Wed08:15 PM Japan, Abiko
Wed02:15 PM Jordan, Ain Al-Basha
Wed04:15 PM Kazakhstan, Aktau
Wed02:15 PM Kuwait, Kuwait City
Wed05:15 PM Kyrgyzstan, Balasagun
Wed06:15 PM Laos, Attapeu
Wed02:15 PM(DST) Lebanon, Baalbek
Wed07:15 PM Malaysia, Alor Setar
Wed04:15 PM Maldives, Addu City
Wed07:15 PM Mongolia, Arvaikheer
Wed06:15 PM Mongolia, Altai
Wed05:45 PM Myanmar, Bago
Wed05:00 PM Nepal, Amaragadhi
Wed08:15 PM North Korea, Anju
Wed03:15 PM Oman, Al-Buraimi
Wed04:15 PM Pakistan, Abbottabad
Wed02:15 PM(DST) Palestine, Abasan al-Kabera
Wed07:15 PM Philippines, Candon
Wed02:15 PM Qatar, Al Ghuwariyah
Wed02:15 PM Saudi Arabia, Abha
Wed07:15 PM Singapore, Bukit Merah
Wed08:15 PM South Korea, Andong
Wed04:45 PM Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura
Wed02:15 PM Syria, Afrin
Wed07:15 PM Taiwan, Changhua
Wed04:15 PM Tajikistan, Bokhtar
Wed06:15 PM Thailand, Bangkok
Wed02:15 PM Turkey, Adada
Wed04:15 PM Turkmenistan, Ashgabat
Wed03:15 PM United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
Wed04:15 PM Uzbekistan, Boysun
Wed06:15 PM Vietnam, Biên Hòa
Wed02:15 PM Yemen, Ad Dali'

Local Times in Europe Countries

Time Location
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Albania, Ad Quintum
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Andorra, Andorra la Vella
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Austria, Berndorf
Wed02:15 PM Belarus, Babruysk
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Belgium, Anderlecht
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Bosnia and Herzegovina, Banja Luka
Wed02:15 PM(DST) Bulgaria, Ad Salices
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Croatia, Biograd na Moru
Wed02:15 PM(DST) Cyprus, Kyrenia
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Czech Republic, Adamov
Wed02:15 PM(DST) Estonia, Tallinn
Wed02:15 PM(DST) Finland, Äänekoski
Wed01:15 PM(DST) France, Aix-en-Provence
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Germany, Bad Salzuflen
Wed02:15 PM(DST) Greece, Agia Paraskevi, Attica
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Hungary, Bádonfa
Wed11:15 AM Iceland, Akranes
Wed12:15 PM Ireland, Abbeyleix
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Italy, Agathyrnum
Wed02:15 PM(DST) Latvia, Riga
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Liechtenstein, Vaduz
Wed02:15 PM(DST) Lithuania, Akmenė
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Luxembourg, Diekirch
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Malta, Birkirkara
Wed02:15 PM(DST) Moldova, Anenii Noi
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Montenegro, Andrijevica
Wed01:15 PM(DST) North Macedonia, Berovo
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Norway, Ålesund
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Poland, Aleksandrów Kujawski
Wed12:15 PM(DST) Portugal, Abrantes
Wed02:15 PM(DST) Romania, Arad
Wed06:15 PM Russia, Barnaul
Wed04:15 PM Russia, Berezniki
Wed07:15 PM Russia, Irkutsk
Wed10:15 PM Russia, Khabarovsk
Wed02:15 PM Russia, Armavir
Wed09:15 PM Russia, Obluchye
Wed03:15 PM Russia, Astrakhan
Wed05:15 PM Russia, Nefteyugansk
Wed08:15 PM Russia, Yakutsk
Wed01:15 PM Russia, Kaliningrad
Wed01:15 PM(DST) San Marino, San Marino
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Serbia, Bela Palanka
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Slovakia, Banská Bystrica
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Slovenia, Beltinci
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Spain, A Coruña
Wed12:15 PM(DST) Spain, Agaete
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Sweden, Ekenäs
Wed01:15 PM(DST) Switzerland, Aarau
Wed02:15 PM Ukraine, Kerch
Wed12:15 PM(DST) United Kingdom, Aberdeen

Local Times in Africa Countries

Time Location
Wed12:15 PM Algeria, Adrar
Wed12:15 PM Angola, Baía Farta
Wed12:15 PM Benin, Abomey
Wed01:15 PM Botswana, Bobonong
Wed11:15 AM Burkina Faso, Babri
Wed01:15 PM Burundi, Bubanza
Wed12:15 PM Cameroon, Abong-Mbang
Wed10:15 AM Cape Verde, Assomada
Wed12:15 PM Central African Republic, Baboua
Wed12:15 PM Chad, Abéché
Wed02:15 PM Comoros, Dembéni
Wed12:15 PM Democratic Republic of the Congo, Banana
Wed01:15 PM Democratic Republic of the Congo, Beni
Wed02:15 PM Djibouti, Ali Sabieh
Wed02:15 PM(DST) Egypt, 15th of May City
Wed12:15 PM Equatorial Guinea, Acalayong
Wed02:15 PM Eritrea, Adi Keyh
Wed01:15 PM Eswatini, Hlatikulu
Wed02:15 PM Ethiopia, Abomsa
Wed12:15 PM Gabon, Akok
Wed11:15 AM Ghana, Accra
Wed11:15 AM Guinea, Baala
Wed11:15 AM Guinea-Bissau, Bafatá
Wed11:15 AM Ivory Coast, Abengourou
Wed02:15 PM Kenya, Bungoma
Wed01:15 PM Lesotho, Butha-Buthe
Wed11:15 AM Liberia, Buchanan
Wed01:15 PM Libya, Abu Qurayn
Wed02:15 PM Madagascar, Ambanja
Wed01:15 PM Malawi, Balaka Township
Wed11:15 AM Mali, Bafoulabé
Wed11:15 AM Mauritania, Atar
Wed03:15 PM Mauritius, Cap Malheureux
Wed12:15 PM Morocco, Agadir
Wed01:15 PM Mozambique, Ancuabe
Wed01:15 PM Namibia, Eenhana
Wed12:15 PM Niger, Maradi
Wed12:15 PM Nigeria, Aba
Wed12:15 PM Republic of the Congo, Abala
Wed01:15 PM Rwanda, Butare
Wed11:15 AM São Tomé and Príncipe, São Tomé
Wed11:15 AM Senegal, Bakel
Wed03:15 PM Seychelles, De Quincey, Mahé
Wed11:15 AM Sierra Leone, Bo
Wed02:15 PM Somalia, Arabsiyo
Wed01:15 PM South Africa, Alberton
Wed01:15 PM South Sudan, Aweil, South Sudan
Wed01:15 PM Sudan, Al Hasahisa
Wed02:15 PM Tanzania, Arusha
Wed11:15 AM The Gambia, Banjul
Wed11:15 AM Togo, Aného
Wed12:15 PM Tunisia, Aghir
Wed02:15 PM Uganda, Arua
Wed01:15 PM Zambia, Chavuma
Wed01:15 PM Zimbabwe, Beitbridge

Local Times in North America Countries

Time Location
Wed07:15 AM Antigua and Barbuda, Coolidge
Wed07:15 AM Barbados, Bridgetown
Wed05:15 AM Belize, Belize City
Wed04:15 AM(DST) Canada, Abbotsford
Wed07:15 AM(DST) Canada, Barrie
Wed06:15 AM Canada, Fort William
Wed08:45 AM(DST) Canada, St. John's
Wed05:15 AM(DST) Canada, Beaumont
Wed08:15 AM(DST) Canada, Halifax
Wed05:15 AM Costa Rica, Alajuela
Wed07:15 AM(DST) Cuba, Abreus
Wed07:15 AM Dominica, Portsmouth
Wed07:15 AM Dominican Republic, Bohechío
Wed05:15 AM El Salvador, Ahuachapán
Wed07:15 AM Grenada, Gouyave
Wed05:15 AM Guatemala, Antigua Guatemala
Wed07:15 AM(DST) Haiti, Cap-Haïtien
Wed05:15 AM Honduras, Choluteca
Wed06:15 AM Jamaica, Anchovy
Wed05:15 AM Mexico, Aguascalientes City
Wed06:15 AM Mexico, Cancun
Wed04:15 AM Mexico, Álamos
Wed05:15 AM Nicaragua, Bluefields
Wed06:15 AM Panama, Balboa
Wed07:15 AM Saint Kitts and Nevis, Basseterre
Wed07:15 AM Saint Lucia, Castries
Wed07:15 AM Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Arnos Vale
Wed07:15 AM(DST) The Bahamas, Bailey Town
Wed07:15 AM Trinidad and Tobago, Chaguanas
Wed07:15 AM(DST) United States, Allen
Wed04:15 AM United States, Arizona
Wed02:15 AM(DST) United States, Saipan
Wed05:15 AM(DST) United States, Bellevue
Wed06:15 AM(DST) United States, Cedar Rapids
Wed03:15 AM(DST) United States, Haines
Wed01:15 AM United States, Honolulu

Local Times in South America Countries

Time Location
Wed08:15 AM Argentina, 9 de Julio
Wed07:15 AM Bolivia, Achacachi
Wed08:15 AM Brazil, Caucaia
Wed07:15 AM Brazil, Águas Lindas de Goiás
Wed06:15 AM Brazil, Rio Branco
Wed07:15 AM Chile, Andacollo
Wed08:15 AM Chile, Punta Arenas
Wed06:15 AM Colombia, Armenia
Wed05:15 AM Ecuador, Puerto Ayora
Wed06:15 AM Ecuador, Archidona
Wed07:15 AM Guyana, Anna Regina
Wed07:15 AM Paraguay, Areguá
Wed06:15 AM Peru, Abancay
Wed08:15 AM Suriname, Domburg
Wed08:15 AM Uruguay, 18 de Mayo
Wed07:15 AM Venezuela, Acarigua

Local Times in Oceania Countries

Time Location
Wed09:15 PM Australia, Albury
Wed08:45 PM Australia, Broken Hill
Wed07:15 PM Australia, Bunbury
Wed09:45 PM Australia, Kingston
Wed09:15 PM Federated States of Micronesia, Ettal Village
Wed10:15 PM Federated States of Micronesia, Palikir
Wed11:15 PM Fiji, Lautoka
Wed11:15 PM Kiribati, South Tarawa
Wed11:15 PM Marshall Islands, Majuro
Wed11:15 PM Nauru, Yaren District
Wed11:15 PM New Zealand, Auckland
Thu12:00 AM New Zealand, Dunedin
Wed08:15 PM Palau, Airai
Wed09:15 PM Papua New Guinea, Aitape
Wed10:15 PM Papua New Guinea, Buin
Thu12:15 AM Samoa, Apia
Wed10:15 PM Solomon Islands, Honiara
Thu12:15 AM Tonga, Nuku'alofa
Wed11:15 PM Tuvalu, Funafuti
Wed10:15 PM Vanuatu, Lamap