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UTC+2 Time Zone

UTC+2 Time Zone offset. Currently, the time is 2 hours ahead the universal time of UTC. The current date and time for UTC+2 is Wednesday, May 22, 2024 12:35 PM.

UTC+2 Time zone map

UTC+2 time zone map
Natural Earth Mapping time zones.
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Current Time in UTC+2

Note: The current date and time is the same in all countries below.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Countries in the UTC+2 Time Zone

Note: Please note that some countries have multiple time zones..
The current data below is for countries with simple locations in this time zone. In other words, some countries have more than one location in this time zone.

Country Location Time Zone Abbreviation
Albania Ad Quintum(DST) Europe/Tirane CEST
Andorra Andorra la Vella(DST) Europe/Andorra CEST
Austria Berndorf(DST) Europe/Vienna CEST
Belgium Anderlecht(DST) Europe/Brussels CEST
Bosnia and Herzegovina Banja Luka(DST) Europe/Sarajevo CEST
Botswana Bobonong Africa/Gaborone CAT
Burundi Bubanza Africa/Bujumbura CAT
Croatia Biograd na Moru(DST) Europe/Zagreb CEST
Czech Republic Adamov(DST) Europe/Prague CEST
Democratic Republic of the Congo Beni Africa/Lubumbashi CAT
Eswatini Hlatikulu Africa/Mbabane SAST
France Aix-en-Provence(DST) Europe/Paris CEST
Germany Bad Salzuflen(DST) Europe/Berlin CEST
Germany Aachen(DST) Europe/Busingen CEST
Hungary Bádonfa(DST) Europe/Budapest CEST
Italy Agathyrnum(DST) Europe/Rome CEST
Lesotho Butha-Buthe Africa/Maseru SAST
Libya Abu Qurayn Africa/Tripoli EET
Liechtenstein Vaduz(DST) Europe/Vaduz CEST
Luxembourg Diekirch(DST) Europe/Luxembourg CEST
Malawi Balaka Township Africa/Blantyre CAT
Malta Birkirkara(DST) Europe/Malta CEST
Montenegro Andrijevica(DST) Europe/Podgorica CEST
Mozambique Ancuabe Africa/Maputo CAT
Namibia Eenhana Africa/Windhoek CAT
North Macedonia Berovo(DST) Europe/Skopje CEST
Norway Ålesund(DST) Europe/Oslo CEST
Poland Aleksandrów Kujawski(DST) Europe/Warsaw CEST
Russia Kaliningrad Europe/Kaliningrad EET
Rwanda Butare Africa/Kigali CAT
San Marino San Marino(DST) Europe/San_Marino CEST
Serbia Bela Palanka(DST) Europe/Belgrade CEST
Slovakia Banská Bystrica(DST) Europe/Bratislava CEST
Slovenia Beltinci(DST) Europe/Ljubljana CEST
South Africa Alberton Africa/Johannesburg SAST
South Sudan Aweil, South Sudan Africa/Juba EAT
Spain Águilas(DST) Africa/Ceuta CEST
Spain A Coruña(DST) Europe/Madrid CEST
Sudan Al Hasahisa Africa/Khartoum CAT
Sweden Ekenäs(DST) Europe/Stockholm CEST
Switzerland Aarau(DST) Europe/Zurich CEST
Zambia Chavuma Africa/Lusaka CAT
Zimbabwe Beitbridge Africa/Harare CAT
(DST) Daylight Saving Time is active.
Note/ Some of these locations may exist in UTC+2 because it's summertime and Daylight Saving Time is active right now.

Abbreviations in UTC+2

Time Zone Abbreviation Time Zone Name
CEST Central European Summer Time
CAT Central Africa Time
SAST South Africa Standard Time
EET Eastern European Time
EAT East Africa Time