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RussiaLocal time in Russia

Moscow local time

07 : 41 : 29 PM
Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Moscow UTC+3

Wed 07:41:29 PM

Novosibirsk UTC+7

Wed 11:41:29 PM

Nizhny Novgorod UTC+4

Wed 08:41:29 PM

Chelyabinsk UTC+5

Wed 09:41:29 PM

Russia has a different time

Some of the cities may have different time zones, but they have the same offset and because of that they have the same local time.

Offset Local Time Example Location
UTC+11 Thu 03:41 AM Khabarovsk
UTC+10 Thu 02:41 AM Obluchye
UTC+9 Thu 01:41 AM Chita
UTC+8 Thu 12:41 AM Irkutsk
UTC+7 Wed 11:41 PM Novosibirsk
UTC+6 Wed 10:41 PM Omsk
UTC+5 Wed 09:41 PM Chelyabinsk
UTC+4 Wed 08:41 PM Nizhny Novgorod
UTC+3 Wed 07:41 PM Moscow
UTC+2 Wed 06:41 PM Kaliningrad

Russia Date And Time Formatting

Name Pattern Local Example
Culture: ru-RU, en-US
Full Date: EEEE, d MMMM y 'г'. среда, 29 марта 2023 г.
Long Date: d MMMM y 'г'. 29 марта 2023 г.
Medium Date: d MMM y 'г'. 29 мар. 2023 г.
Short Date: dd.MM.y 29.03.2023
Full Time: HH:mm:ss zzzz 19:41:29 Москва, стандартное время
Long Time: HH:mm:ss z 19:41:29 GMT+3
Medium Time: HH:mm:ss 19:41:29
Short Time: HH:mm 19:41
Time Format: 24 Hours Format 19:41
Note: If you want to write the full Date Time for Russia, you can use both (Full Date + Full Time) together to be EEEE, d MMMM y 'г'., HH:mm:ss zzzz, so the full DateTime will be like
среда, 29 марта 2023 г., 19:41:29 Москва, стандартное время
CultureInfo CultureInfo Class (System.Globalization) | Microsoft Learn

Local Time in the Cities of Russia

There are multiple time zones in Russia. Because of this, some Russia cities will have different times from other Russia cities. To learn more about time zones, visit the Time Zone Map.

City Local Time
Achinsk Wed11:41 PM
Almetyevsk Wed08:41 PM
Armavir Wed07:41 PM
Astrakhan Wed08:41 PM
Balakovo Wed08:41 PM
Barnaul Wed11:41 PM
Bataysk Wed07:41 PM
Belgorod Wed07:41 PM
Berdsk Wed11:41 PM
Berezniki Wed09:41 PM
Biysk Wed11:41 PM
Bryansk Wed07:41 PM
Cheboksary Wed08:41 PM
Chelyabinsk Wed09:41 PM
Cherkessk Wed08:41 PM
Chita Thu01:41 AM
Derbent Wed08:41 PM
Dimitrovgrad Wed08:41 PM
Elista Wed07:41 PM
Engels Wed08:41 PM
Gatchina Wed07:41 PM
Grozny Wed08:41 PM
Irkutsk Thu12:41 AM
Izhevsk Wed07:41 PM
Kaliningrad Wed06:41 PM
Kaluga Wed07:41 PM
Kamensk-Uralsky Wed09:41 PM
Kamyshin Wed07:41 PM
Kaspiysk Wed08:41 PM
Kazan Wed08:41 PM
Khabarovsk Thu03:41 AM
Khasavyurt Wed08:41 PM
Kirov Wed07:41 PM
Kopeysk Wed09:41 PM
Krasnodar Wed07:41 PM
Krasnoyarsk Wed11:41 PM
Kurgan Wed09:41 PM
Magnitogorsk Wed09:41 PM
Makhachkala Wed08:41 PM
Maykop Wed07:41 PM
Moscow Wed07:41 PM
Murom Wed07:41 PM
Mytishchi Wed07:41 PM
Naberezhnye Chelny Wed08:41 PM
Neftekamsk Wed07:41 PM
Nefteyugansk Wed10:41 PM
Nevinnomyssk Wed07:41 PM
Nikolayevsk-on-Amur Thu03:41 AM
Nizhnekamsk Wed08:41 PM
Nizhnevartovsk Wed10:41 PM
Nizhny Novgorod Wed08:41 PM
Nizhny Tagil Wed09:41 PM
Novocheboksarsk Wed08:41 PM
Novocherkassk Wed07:41 PM
Novokuybyshevsk Wed08:41 PM
Novomoskovsk, Russia Wed07:41 PM
Novopavlovsk Wed08:41 PM
Novorossiysk Wed07:41 PM
Novoshakhtinsk Wed07:41 PM
Novosibirsk Wed11:41 PM
Novy Urengoy Wed11:41 PM
Noyabrsk Wed11:41 PM
Obluchye Thu02:41 AM
Oktyabrsky Wed08:41 PM
Omsk Wed10:41 PM
Orenburg Wed08:41 PM
Orsk Wed08:41 PM
Penza Wed08:41 PM
Perm Wed09:41 PM
Pervouralsk Wed09:41 PM
Petrozavodsk Wed07:41 PM
Pskov Wed06:41 PM
Qashliq Wed10:41 PM
Rostov-on-Don Wed07:41 PM
Rubtsovsk Wed11:41 PM
Ryazan Wed07:41 PM
Rybinsk Wed07:41 PM
Saint Petersburg Wed07:41 PM
Salavat Wed08:41 PM
Samara Wed08:41 PM
Saransk Wed08:41 PM
Saratov Wed08:41 PM
Sergiyev Posad Wed07:41 PM
Seversk Wed11:41 PM
Shakhty Wed07:41 PM
Smolensk Wed07:41 PM
Stary Oskol Wed07:41 PM
Stavropol Wed07:41 PM
Sterlitamak Wed08:41 PM
Surgut Wed10:41 PM
Syktyvkar Wed07:41 PM
Taganrog Wed07:41 PM
Tambov Wed08:41 PM
Tomsk Wed11:41 PM
Tula Wed07:41 PM
Tver Wed07:41 PM
Tyumen Wed09:41 PM
Ufa Wed09:41 PM
Ulan-Ude Thu12:41 AM
Ulyanovsk Wed08:41 PM
Veliky Novgorod Wed07:41 PM
Vladimir Wed07:41 PM
Volgograd Wed07:41 PM
Volzhsky Wed07:41 PM
Voronezh Wed07:41 PM
Yakutsk Thu01:41 AM
Yaroslavl Wed07:41 PM
Yoshkar-Ola Wed07:41 PM
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Thu03:41 AM
Zheleznogorsk Wed07:41 PM
Zlatoust Wed09:41 PM
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