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CodeContinentCountriesArea km² (mi²)share of world land
AFAfrica5430,370,000.00 km² (18,875,077.69 mi²)20.48%
ASAsia4844,579,000.00 km² (27,706,028.59 mi²)30.05%
EUEurope4310,180,000.00 km² (6,326,911.12 mi²)6.86%
NANorth America2324,709,000.00 km² (15,356,743.32 mi²)16.66%
OCOceania148,525,989.00 km² (5,298,936.61 mi²)5.75%
SASouth America1217,840,000.00 km² (11,087,632.07 mi²)12.03%

The Largest Countries in the World by Area

CountryArea sq. kmArea sq. mishare of world land
Russia17,075,400.00 km²10,612,430.08 mi²11.51%
Canada9,984,670.00 km²6,205,512.74 mi²6.73%
United States9,826,675.00 km²6,107,318.21 mi²6.63%
China9,596,961.00 km²5,964,550.03 mi²6.47%
Brazil8,515,767.00 km²5,292,583.59 mi²5.74%
Australia7,692,024.00 km²4,780,623.99 mi²5.19%
India3,287,263.00 km²2,043,047.23 mi²2.22%
Argentina2,780,400.00 km²1,728,029.83 mi²1.87%
Kazakhstan2,724,900.00 km²1,693,536.36 mi²1.84%
Algeria2,381,741.00 km²1,480,261.65 mi²1.61%

World countries

The countries listed below are sovereign countries without Territories and Dependencies. However, when you visit one of the continents listed on the website, you will find all countries, territories and dependencies.




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