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SerbiaLocal time in Serbia

Belgrade local time

04 : 52 : 56 AM
Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Daylight Saving Time (DST) is active.

Serbia Date And Time Formatting

Name Pattern Local Example
Culture: sr-Latn-RS, sr-Cyrl-RS, en-US
Full Date: EEEE, dd. MMMM y. sreda, 24. april 2024.
Long Date: dd. MMMM y. 24. april 2024.
Medium Date: dd.MM.y. 24.04.2024.
Short Date: d.M.yy. 24.4.24.
Full Time: HH:mm:ss zzzz 04:52:56 Srednjeevropsko letnje vreme
Long Time: HH:mm:ss z 04:52:56 CEST
Medium Time: HH:mm:ss 04:52:56
Short Time: HH:mm 04:52
Time Format: 24 Hours Format 04:52
Note: If you want to write the full Date Time for Serbia, you can use both (Full Date + Full Time) together to be EEEE, dd. MMMM y. HH:mm:ss zzzz, so the full DateTime will be like
sreda, 24. april 2024. 04:52:56 Srednjeevropsko letnje vreme
CultureInfo CultureInfo Class (System.Globalization) | Microsoft Learn

Local Time in the Cities of Serbia

In Serbia, all cities are based on Europe/Belgrade Time Zone with an offset of UTC+2. For more information on Time Zone, please visit the Time Zone Map.

City Local Time
Bela Palanka(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Belgrade(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Čačak(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Dimitrovgrad(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Donji Milanovac(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Ivanjica(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Izatovci(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Kać(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Kalenić(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Kikinda(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Kladovo(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Kragujevac(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Kraljevo(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Kruševac(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Lapovo(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Lazarevac(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Lederata(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Mitrovica(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Niš(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Nova Varoš(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Novi Pazar(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Novi Sad(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Palić(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Petrovaradin(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Pinosava(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Prijepolje(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Šabac(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Sjenica(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Subotica(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Tutin(DST) Wed04:52 AM
Užice(DST) Wed04:52 AM
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