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UTC+4 Time Zone

UTC+4 Time Zone offset. Currently, the time is 4 hours ahead the universal time of UTC. The current date and time for UTC+4 is Monday, July 22, 2024 11:33 AM.

UTC+4 Time zone map

UTC+4 time zone map
Natural Earth Mapping time zones.
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Current Time in UTC+4

Note: The current date and time is the same in all countries below.

Monday, July 22, 2024

Countries in the UTC+4 Time Zone

Note: Please note that some countries have multiple time zones..
The current data below is for countries with simple locations in this time zone. In other words, some countries have more than one location in this time zone.

Country Location Time Zone Abbreviation
Armenia Artaxata Asia/Yerevan AMT
Azerbaijan Agdash Asia/Baku AZT
Georgia Akhalkalaki Asia/Tbilisi GET
Mauritius Cap Malheureux Indian/Mauritius MUT
Oman Al-Buraimi Asia/Muscat GST
Russia Astrakhan Europe/Astrakhan -
Russia Cheboksary Europe/Ulyanovsk -
Russia Almetyevsk Europe/Samara SAMT
Russia Balakovo Europe/Saratov -
Seychelles De Quincey, Mahé Indian/Mahe SCT
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Asia/Dubai GST

Abbreviations in UTC+4

Time Zone Abbreviation Time Zone Name
AMT Armenia Time
AZT Azerbaijan Time
GET Georgia Standard Time
MUT Mauritius Time
GST Gulf Standard Time
SAMT Samara Time
SCT Seychelles Time