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Ottawa local time

03 : 35 : 35 PM
Saturday, March 25, 2023
Daylight Saving Time (DST) is active.

Toronto UTC-4

Sat 03:35:35 PM

Calgary UTC-7

Sat 12:35:35 PM

Edmonton UTC-6

Sat 01:35:35 PM

Winnipeg UTC-5

Sat 02:35:35 PM

Canada has a different time

Some of the cities may have different time zones, but they have the same offset and because of that they have the same local time.

Offset Local Time Example Location
UTC-2.5 Sat 05:05 PM St. John's(DST)
UTC-3 Sat 04:35 PM Quebec City(DST)
UTC-4 Sat 03:35 PM Toronto(DST)
UTC-5 Sat 02:35 PM Winnipeg(DST)
UTC-6 Sat 01:35 PM Edmonton(DST)
UTC-7 Sat 12:35 PM Calgary

Canada Date And Time Formatting

Name Pattern Local Example
Culture: fr-CA, en-US
Full Date: EEEE d MMMM y samedi 25 mars 2023
Long Date: d MMMM y 25 mars 2023
Medium Date: d MMM y 25 mars 2023
Short Date: y-MM-dd 2023-03-25
Full Time: HH 'h' mm 'min' ss 's' zzzz 15 h 35 min 35 s heure avancée de l’Est
Long Time: HH 'h' mm 'min' ss 's' z 15 h 35 min 35 s HAE
Medium Time: HH 'h' mm 'min' ss 's' 15 h 35 min 35 s
Short Time: HH 'h' mm 15 h 35
Time Format: 24 Hours Format 15 h 35
Note: If you want to write the full Date Time for Canada, you can use both (Full Date + Full Time) together to be EEEE d MMMM y 'à' HH 'h' mm 'min' ss 's' zzzz, so the full DateTime will be like
samedi 25 mars 2023 à 15 h 35 min 35 s heure avancée de l’Est
CultureInfo CultureInfo Class (System.Globalization) | Microsoft Learn

Local Time in the Cities of Canada

There are multiple time zones in Canada. Because of this, some Canada cities will have different times from other Canada cities. To learn more about time zones, visit the Time Zone Map.

City Local Time
Abbotsford(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Arviat(DST) Sat02:35 PM
Arvida(DST) Sat04:35 PM
Barrie(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Bathurst(DST) Sat04:35 PM
Beaumont(DST) Sat01:35 PM
Belleville(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Brampton(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Brandon(DST) Sat02:35 PM
Brantford(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Burlington(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Burnaby(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Calgary Sat12:35 PM
Cambridge(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Campbell River(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Camrose(DST) Sat01:35 PM
Charlottetown(DST) Sat04:35 PM
Chatham-Kent(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Chilliwack(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Clarence-Rockland(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Cochrane(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Cold Lake(DST) Sat01:35 PM
Coquitlam(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Coral Harbour(DST) Sat02:35 PM
Corner Brook Sat03:35 PM
Cornwall(DST) Sat03:35 PM
County of Brant(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Cranbrook Sat12:35 PM
Dauphin(DST) Sat02:35 PM
Dawson Creek Sat12:35 PM
Delta(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Dieppe(DST) Sat04:35 PM
Dryden Sat02:35 PM
Edmonton(DST) Sat01:35 PM
Estevan Sat01:35 PM
Flin Flon Sat01:35 PM
Fort St. John Sat12:35 PM
Fort William Sat02:35 PM
Fredericton(DST) Sat04:35 PM
Gatineau(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Greater Sudbury(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Guelph(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Halifax(DST) Sat04:35 PM
Hamilton(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Hedley, British Columbia(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Kamloops(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Kawartha Lakes(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Kelowna Sat12:35 PM
Kingston(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Kitchener(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Langford(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Langley(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Laval(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Lévis(DST) Sat04:35 PM
Lloydminster(DST) Sat01:35 PM
London(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Longueuil(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Maple Ridge(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Markham(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Martensville Sat01:35 PM
Meadow Lake(DST) Sat01:35 PM
Miramichi(DST) Sat04:35 PM
Mission(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Mississauga(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Moncton(DST) Sat04:35 PM
Montreal(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Moose Jaw Sat01:35 PM
Morden(DST) Sat02:35 PM
Nanaimo(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Niagara Falls(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Norfolk County(DST) Sat03:35 PM
North Bay(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Orillia(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Oshawa(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Ottawa(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Owen Sound(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Pembroke(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Penticton Sat12:35 PM
Peterborough(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Pickering(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Pierrefonds(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Pitt Meadows(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Port Arthur Sat02:35 PM
Port Colborne(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Port Moody(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Portage la Prairie(DST) Sat02:35 PM
Powell River(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Prince Edward County(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Prince George Sat12:35 PM
Prince Rupert Sat12:35 PM
Quebec City(DST) Sat04:35 PM
Quinte West(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Red Deer(DST) Sat01:35 PM
Regina Sat01:35 PM
Richmond Hill(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Saguenay(DST) Sat04:35 PM
Sarnia(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Saskatoon Sat01:35 PM
Sault Ste. Marie(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Selkirk(DST) Sat02:35 PM
Sherbrooke(DST) Sat04:35 PM
St. Catharines(DST) Sat03:35 PM
St. John's(DST) Sat05:05 PM
Steinbach(DST) Sat02:35 PM
Stratford(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Summerside(DST) Sat04:35 PM
Surrey(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Swift Current Sat01:35 PM
Sydney(DST) Sat04:35 PM
Temiskaming Shores(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Terrace Sat12:35 PM
Terrebonne(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Thompson(DST) Sat02:35 PM
Thorold(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Thunder Bay Sat02:35 PM
Timmins(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Toronto(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Trenton(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Trois-Rivières(DST) Sat04:35 PM
Vancouver(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Vaughan(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Vernon Sat12:35 PM
Victoria(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Warman Sat01:35 PM
Waterloo(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Welland(DST) Sat03:35 PM
West Kelowna Sat12:35 PM
White Rock(DST) Sat12:35 PM
Whitehorse Sat12:35 PM
Windsor(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Winkler(DST) Sat02:35 PM
Winnipeg(DST) Sat02:35 PM
Woodstock(DST) Sat03:35 PM
Yellowknife(DST) Sat01:35 PM
Yorkton Sat01:35 PM
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