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United StatesLocal time in United States

Washington, D.C. local time

08 : 41 : 52 PM
Sunday, September 24, 2023
Daylight Saving Time (DST) is active.

New York City UTC-4

Sun 08:41:52 PM

Arizona UTC-7

Sun 05:41:52 PM

Houston UTC-5

Sun 07:41:52 PM

San Antonio UTC-6

Sun 06:41:52 PM

United States has a different time

Some of the cities may have different time zones, but they have the same offset and because of that they have the same local time.

Offset Local Time Example Location
UTC-4 Sun 08:41 PM New York City(DST)
UTC-5 Sun 07:41 PM Houston(DST)
UTC-6 Sun 06:41 PM San Antonio(DST)
UTC-7 Sun 05:41 PM Arizona
UTC-8 Sun 04:41 PM Anchorage(DST)
UTC-9 Sun 03:41 PM Saipan(DST)
UTC-10 Sun 02:41 PM Honolulu

United States Date And Time Formatting

Name Pattern Local Example
Culture: en-US, es-US
Full Date: EEEE, MMMM d, y Sunday, September 24, 2023
Long Date: MMMM d, y September 24, 2023
Medium Date: MMM d, y Sep 24, 2023
Short Date: M/d/yy 9/24/23
Full Time: h:mm:ss a zzzz 8:41:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Long Time: h:mm:ss a z 8:41:52 PM EDT
Medium Time: h:mm:ss a 8:41:52 PM
Short Time: h:mm a 8:41 PM
Time Format: 12 Hours Format 8:41 PM
Note: If you want to write the full Date Time for United States, you can use both (Full Date + Full Time) together to be EEEE, MMMM d, y 'at' h:mm:ss a zzzz, so the full DateTime will be like
Sunday, September 24, 2023 at 8:41:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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Local Time in the Cities of United States

There are multiple time zones in United States. Because of this, some United States cities will have different times from other United States cities. To learn more about time zones, visit the Time Zone Map.

City Local Time
Abilene(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Aguadilla(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Akron(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Albany(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Albuquerque(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Alexandria(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Allen(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Amarillo(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Anaheim(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Anchorage(DST) Sun04:41 PM
Ann Arbor(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Antioch(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Arizona Sun05:41 PM
Arlington(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Arvada(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Athens(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Atlanta(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Aurora(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Austin(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Ave Maria(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Babylon(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Bakersfield(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Baton Rouge(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Beacon Falls(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Beaumont(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Bell(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Bellevue(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Berkeley(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Billings(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Birmingham(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Blackland, Texas(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Boise(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Boston(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Boulder(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Boyd(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Bridgeport(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Brownsville Sun05:41 PM
Buffalo(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Burbank(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Burton(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Caguas(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Cambridge(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Campbell(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Cape Coral(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Carlsbad(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Carrollton(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Catlin, New York(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Cedar Rapids(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Centennial(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Chandler Sun05:41 PM
Charleston(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Charlotte(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Chattanooga(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Chelsea(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Cheyenne(DST) Sun06:41 PM
China(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Chula Vista(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Cincinnati(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Clarksville(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Clearwater(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Cleveland(DST) Sun08:41 PM
College Station(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Colorado Springs(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Columbus(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Concord(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Coral Springs(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Corona(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Corpus Christi(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Costa Mesa(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Cotati(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Cupertino(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Dallas(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Daly City(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Davenport(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Dayton(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Denton(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Denver(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Des Moines(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Detroit(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Double Horn, Texas(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Downey(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Durham(DST) Sun08:41 PM
El Monte(DST) Sun05:41 PM
El Paso Sun05:41 PM
Elk Grove(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Emery(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Erda(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Erie(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Escondido(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Evansville(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Everett(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Fairfield(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Fargo(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Fayetteville(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Fenix(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Flint(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Fontana(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Fort Collins(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Fort Wayne(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Fort Worth(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Frankenmuth(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Franklin(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Fremont(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Fresno(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Frisco(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Fullerton(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Gainesville(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Garden Grove(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Garfield(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Garland(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Glendale Sun05:41 PM
Grand Prairie(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Grand Rapids(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Greenbrier(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Greensboro(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Gresham(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Guy(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Haines(DST) Sun04:41 PM
Hartford(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Hayward(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Henderson(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Hialeah, Florida(DST) Sun08:41 PM
High Point(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Hollister(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Hollywood(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Honolulu Sun02:41 PM
Hope(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Houston(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Huntington Beach(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Huntsville(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Independence(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Indianapolis(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Indianapolis (Indiana)(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Inglewood(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Irvine(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Irving(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Jackson(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Jacksonville(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Joliet(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Kansas City(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Kennebec(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Killeen(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Kittrell, Texas(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Knoxville(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Lafayette(DST) Sun07:41 PM
LaGrange(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Lakeland(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Lakewood(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Lancaster(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Lansing(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Laredo Sun05:41 PM
Las Vegas(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Laurent, South Dakota(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Lexington(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Lincoln(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Little Rock(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Long Beach(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Los Angeles(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Louisville(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Lowell(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Lubbock(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Macon(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Madison(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Manchester(DST) Sun08:41 PM
McAllen Sun05:41 PM
McKinney(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Melissa(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Memphis(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Mesa Sun05:41 PM
Mesquite(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Miami Gardens(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Midland(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Midway(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Milligan(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Milwaukee(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Minneapolis(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Miramar(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Mobile(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Modesto(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Montgomery(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Montrose(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Moreno Valley(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Murfreesboro(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Murphy(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Murrieta(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Nashville(DST) Sun08:41 PM
New Haven(DST) Sun08:41 PM
New Orleans(DST) Sun08:41 PM
New York City(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Norman(DST) Sun06:41 PM
North Las Vegas(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Norwalk(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Oakland(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Oceanside(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Oklahoma City(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Olathe(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Omaha(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Ontario(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Orange(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Orlando(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Overland Park(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Oxnard(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Palm Bay(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Palm Springs(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Palmdale(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Palo Alto (duplicate)(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Parker(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Pasadena(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Patterson(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Pearland(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Peekskill(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Pembroke Pines(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Peoria Sun05:41 PM
Philadelphia(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Phoenix Sun05:41 PM
Pickstown(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Pittsburgh(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Plano(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Pomona(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Ponce(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Port Orford(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Port St. Lucie(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Portland(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Providence(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Provo(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Pueblo(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Raleigh(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Rancho Cucamonga(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Randolph(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Reno(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Richmond(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Riverside(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Rochester(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Rockford(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Roseville(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Sacramento(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Saint Paul(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Saipan(DST) Sun03:41 PM
Salinas(DST) Sun05:41 PM
San Antonio(DST) Sun06:41 PM
San Bernardino(DST) Sun05:41 PM
San Diego(DST) Sun05:41 PM
San Francisco(DST) Sun05:41 PM
San Jose(DST) Sun05:41 PM
San Juan(DST) Sun08:41 PM
San Juan Bautista(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Santa Ana(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Santa Clara(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Santa Clarita(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Santa Rosa(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Savannah(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Scottsdale Sun05:41 PM
Seattle(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Shreveport(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Sibley(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Simi Valley(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Sioux Falls(DST) Sun07:41 PM
South Bend(DST) Sun07:41 PM
Spokane(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Springfield(DST) Sun08:41 PM
St. Louis(DST) Sun08:41 PM
St. Petersburg(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Stamford(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Sterling Heights(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Stockton(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Sunnyvale(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Surprise Sun05:41 PM
Tacoma(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Tallahassee(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Tampa(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Temecula(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Tempe Sun05:41 PM
Thornton(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Thousand Oaks(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Toledo(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Topeka(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Torrance(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Truckton(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Tucson Sun05:41 PM
Tulsa(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Vallejo(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Vancouver(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Ventura(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Victorville(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Visalia(DST) Sun05:41 PM
Waco(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Warren(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Washington(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Washington, D.C.(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Waterbury(DST) Sun08:41 PM
West Covina(DST) Sun05:41 PM
West Jordan(DST) Sun06:41 PM
West Valley City(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Westminster(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Wichita(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Wichita Falls(DST) Sun06:41 PM
Winston-Salem(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Worcester(DST) Sun08:41 PM
Yakutat(DST) Sun04:41 PM
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