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United StatesLocal time in United States

Washington, D.C. local time

12 : 09 : 24 PM
Saturday, February 24, 2024

New York City UTC-5

Sat 12:09:24 PM

Arizona UTC-7

Sat 10:09:24 AM

Los Angeles UTC-8

Sat 09:09:24 AM

Houston UTC-6

Sat 11:09:24 AM

United States has a different time

Some of the cities may have different time zones, but they have the same offset and because of that they have the same local time.

Offset Local Time Example Location
UTC-5 Sat 12:09 PM New York City
UTC-6 Sat 11:09 AM Houston
UTC-7 Sat 10:09 AM Arizona
UTC-8 Sat 09:09 AM Los Angeles
UTC-9 Sat 08:09 AM Anchorage
UTC-10 Sat 07:09 AM Honolulu

United States Date And Time Formatting

Name Pattern Local Example
Culture: en-US, es-US
Full Date: EEEE, MMMM d, y Saturday, February 24, 2024
Long Date: MMMM d, y February 24, 2024
Medium Date: MMM d, y Feb 24, 2024
Short Date: M/d/yy 2/24/24
Full Time: h:mm:ss a zzzz 12:09:24 PM Eastern Standard Time
Long Time: h:mm:ss a z 12:09:24 PM EST
Medium Time: h:mm:ss a 12:09:24 PM
Short Time: h:mm a 12:09 PM
Time Format: 12 Hours Format 12:09 PM
Note: If you want to write the full Date Time for United States, you can use both (Full Date + Full Time) together to be EEEE, MMMM d, y 'at' h:mm:ss a zzzz, so the full DateTime will be like
Saturday, February 24, 2024 at 12:09:24 PM Eastern Standard Time
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Local Time in the Cities of United States

There are multiple time zones in United States. Because of this, some United States cities will have different times from other United States cities. To learn more about time zones, visit the Time Zone Map.

City Local Time
Abilene Sat10:09 AM
Aguadilla Sat12:09 PM
Akron Sat12:09 PM
Albany Sat12:09 PM
Albuquerque Sat10:09 AM
Alexandria Sat12:09 PM
Allen Sat12:09 PM
Amarillo Sat10:09 AM
Anaheim Sat09:09 AM
Anchorage Sat08:09 AM
Ann Arbor Sat12:09 PM
Antioch Sat09:09 AM
Arizona Sat10:09 AM
Arlington Sat10:09 AM
Arvada Sat10:09 AM
Athens Sat12:09 PM
Atlanta Sat12:09 PM
Aurora Sat10:09 AM
Austin Sat10:09 AM
Ave Maria Sat12:09 PM
Babylon Sat12:09 PM
Bakersfield Sat09:09 AM
Baton Rouge Sat12:09 PM
Beacon Falls Sat12:09 PM
Beaumont Sat11:09 AM
Bell Sat12:09 PM
Bellevue Sat10:09 AM
Berkeley Sat09:09 AM
Billings Sat11:09 AM
Birmingham Sat12:09 PM
Blackland, Texas Sat12:09 PM
Boise Sat10:09 AM
Boston Sat12:09 PM
Boulder Sat10:09 AM
Boyd Sat10:09 AM
Bridgeport Sat12:09 PM
Brownsville Sat10:09 AM
Buffalo Sat12:09 PM
Burbank Sat09:09 AM
Burton Sat11:09 AM
Caguas Sat12:09 PM
Cambridge Sat12:09 PM
Campbell Sat11:09 AM
Cape Coral Sat12:09 PM
Carlsbad Sat09:09 AM
Carrollton Sat10:09 AM
Catlin, New York Sat12:09 PM
Cedar Rapids Sat11:09 AM
Centennial Sat10:09 AM
Chandler Sat10:09 AM
Charleston Sat12:09 PM
Charlotte Sat12:09 PM
Chattanooga Sat12:09 PM
Chelsea Sat12:09 PM
Cheyenne Sat10:09 AM
China Sat11:09 AM
Chula Vista Sat09:09 AM
Cincinnati Sat12:09 PM
Clarksville Sat11:09 AM
Clearwater Sat12:09 PM
Cleveland Sat12:09 PM
College Station Sat11:09 AM
Colorado Springs Sat10:09 AM
Columbus Sat12:09 PM
Concord Sat09:09 AM
Coral Springs Sat12:09 PM
Corona Sat09:09 AM
Corpus Christi Sat10:09 AM
Costa Mesa Sat09:09 AM
Cotati Sat09:09 AM
Cupertino Sat09:09 AM
Dallas Sat12:09 PM
Daly City Sat09:09 AM
Davenport Sat11:09 AM
Dayton Sat12:09 PM
Denton Sat10:09 AM
Denver Sat10:09 AM
Des Moines Sat11:09 AM
Detroit Sat12:09 PM
Double Horn, Texas Sat10:09 AM
Downey Sat09:09 AM
Durham Sat12:09 PM
El Monte Sat09:09 AM
El Paso Sat10:09 AM
Elk Grove Sat09:09 AM
Emery Sat10:09 AM
Erda Sat10:09 AM
Erie Sat12:09 PM
Escondido Sat09:09 AM
Evansville Sat12:09 PM
Everett Sat10:09 AM
Fairfield Sat09:09 AM
Fargo Sat11:09 AM
Fayetteville Sat12:09 PM
Fenix Sat12:09 PM
Flint Sat12:09 PM
Fontana Sat09:09 AM
Fort Collins Sat10:09 AM
Fort Wayne Sat12:09 PM
Fort Worth Sat10:09 AM
Frankenmuth Sat12:09 PM
Franklin Sat12:09 PM
Fremont Sat09:09 AM
Fresno Sat09:09 AM
Frisco Sat10:09 AM
Fullerton Sat09:09 AM
Gainesville Sat12:09 PM
Garden Grove Sat09:09 AM
Garfield Sat10:09 AM
Garland Sat12:09 PM
Glendale Sat10:09 AM
Grand Prairie Sat10:09 AM
Grand Rapids Sat11:09 AM
Greenbrier Sat11:09 AM
Greensboro Sat12:09 PM
Gresham Sat10:09 AM
Guy Sat12:09 PM
Haines Sat08:09 AM
Hartford Sat12:09 PM
Hayward Sat09:09 AM
Henderson Sat09:09 AM
Hialeah, Florida Sat12:09 PM
High Point Sat12:09 PM
Hollister Sat10:09 AM
Hollywood Sat12:09 PM
Honolulu Sat07:09 AM
Hope Sat10:09 AM
Houston Sat11:09 AM
Huntington Beach Sat09:09 AM
Huntsville Sat12:09 PM
Independence Sat12:09 PM
Indianapolis Sat12:09 PM
Indianapolis (Indiana) Sat12:09 PM
Inglewood Sat09:09 AM
Irvine Sat09:09 AM
Irving Sat10:09 AM
Jackson Sat11:09 AM
Jacksonville Sat12:09 PM
Joliet Sat11:09 AM
Kansas City Sat12:09 PM
Kennebec Sat11:09 AM
Killeen Sat10:09 AM
Kittrell, Texas Sat11:09 AM
Knoxville Sat12:09 PM
Lafayette Sat11:09 AM
LaGrange Sat12:09 PM
Lakeland Sat12:09 PM
Lakewood Sat10:09 AM
Lancaster Sat09:09 AM
Lansing Sat12:09 PM
Laredo Sat10:09 AM
Las Vegas Sat09:09 AM
Laurent, South Dakota Sat11:09 AM
Lexington Sat12:09 PM
Lincoln Sat10:09 AM
Little Rock Sat12:09 PM
Long Beach Sat09:09 AM
Los Angeles Sat09:09 AM
Louisville Sat12:09 PM
Lowell Sat12:09 PM
Lubbock Sat10:09 AM
Macon Sat12:09 PM
Madison Sat11:09 AM
Manchester Sat12:09 PM
McAllen Sat10:09 AM
McKinney Sat12:09 PM
Melissa Sat12:09 PM
Memphis Sat11:09 AM
Mesa Sat10:09 AM
Mesquite Sat12:09 PM
Miami Gardens Sat12:09 PM
Midland Sat10:09 AM
Midway Sat12:09 PM
Milligan Sat10:09 AM
Milwaukee Sat11:09 AM
Minneapolis Sat11:09 AM
Miramar Sat12:09 PM
Mobile Sat12:09 PM
Modesto Sat09:09 AM
Montgomery Sat12:09 PM
Montrose Sat11:09 AM
Moreno Valley Sat09:09 AM
Murfreesboro Sat12:09 PM
Murphy Sat12:09 PM
Murrieta Sat09:09 AM
Nashville Sat12:09 PM
New Haven Sat12:09 PM
New Orleans Sat12:09 PM
New York City Sat12:09 PM
Norman Sat10:09 AM
North Las Vegas Sat09:09 AM
Norwalk Sat09:09 AM
Oakland Sat09:09 AM
Oceanside Sat09:09 AM
Oklahoma City Sat10:09 AM
Olathe Sat12:09 PM
Omaha Sat11:09 AM
Ontario Sat09:09 AM
Orange Sat09:09 AM
Orlando Sat12:09 PM
Overland Park Sat12:09 PM
Oxnard Sat09:09 AM
Palm Bay Sat12:09 PM
Palm Springs Sat09:09 AM
Palmdale Sat09:09 AM
Palo Alto (duplicate) Sat09:09 AM
Parker Sat10:09 AM
Pasadena Sat11:09 AM
Patterson Sat12:09 PM
Pearland Sat11:09 AM
Peekskill Sat12:09 PM
Pembroke Pines Sat12:09 PM
Peoria Sat10:09 AM
Philadelphia Sat12:09 PM
Phoenix Sat10:09 AM
Pickstown Sat11:09 AM
Pittsburgh Sat12:09 PM
Plano Sat12:09 PM
Pomona Sat09:09 AM
Ponce Sat12:09 PM
Port Orford Sat10:09 AM
Port St. Lucie Sat12:09 PM
Portland Sat10:09 AM
Providence Sat12:09 PM
Provo Sat10:09 AM
Pueblo Sat10:09 AM
Raleigh Sat12:09 PM
Rancho Cucamonga Sat09:09 AM
Randolph Sat12:09 PM
Reno Sat10:09 AM
Richmond Sat09:09 AM
Riverside Sat09:09 AM
Rochester Sat12:09 PM
Rockford Sat10:09 AM
Roseville Sat09:09 AM
Sacramento Sat09:09 AM
Saint Paul Sat11:09 AM
Saipan Sat07:09 AM
Salinas Sat09:09 AM
San Antonio Sat10:09 AM
San Bernardino Sat09:09 AM
San Diego Sat09:09 AM
San Francisco Sat09:09 AM
San Jose Sat09:09 AM
San Juan Sat12:09 PM
San Juan Bautista Sat09:09 AM
Santa Ana Sat09:09 AM
Santa Clara Sat09:09 AM
Santa Clarita Sat09:09 AM
Santa Rosa Sat09:09 AM
Savannah Sat12:09 PM
Scottsdale Sat10:09 AM
Seattle Sat10:09 AM
Shreveport Sat11:09 AM
Sibley Sat12:09 PM
Simi Valley Sat09:09 AM
Sioux Falls Sat11:09 AM
South Bend Sat11:09 AM
Spokane Sat10:09 AM
Springfield Sat12:09 PM
St. Louis Sat12:09 PM
St. Petersburg Sat12:09 PM
Stamford Sat12:09 PM
Sterling Heights Sat12:09 PM
Stockton Sat09:09 AM
Sunnyvale Sat09:09 AM
Surprise Sat10:09 AM
Tacoma Sat10:09 AM
Tallahassee Sat12:09 PM
Tampa Sat12:09 PM
Temecula Sat09:09 AM
Tempe Sat10:09 AM
Thornton Sat10:09 AM
Thousand Oaks Sat09:09 AM
Toledo Sat12:09 PM
Topeka Sat12:09 PM
Torrance Sat09:09 AM
Truckton Sat10:09 AM
Tucson Sat10:09 AM
Tulsa Sat12:09 PM
Vallejo Sat09:09 AM
Vancouver Sat10:09 AM
Ventura Sat09:09 AM
Victorville Sat09:09 AM
Visalia Sat09:09 AM
Waco Sat10:09 AM
Warren Sat12:09 PM
Washington Sat12:09 PM
Washington, D.C. Sat12:09 PM
Waterbury Sat12:09 PM
West Covina Sat09:09 AM
West Jordan Sat10:09 AM
West Valley City Sat10:09 AM
Westminster Sat10:09 AM
Wichita Sat10:09 AM
Wichita Falls Sat10:09 AM
Winston-Salem Sat12:09 PM
Worcester Sat12:09 PM
Yakutat Sat08:09 AM
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