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PeruPeru Dialing code

Peru Country Code (CC) From Abroad

The Peru country code

The Peru country code (E.164) is +51. If you want to contact the Peru number from anywhere in the world, please dial the international number for that country instead of the Peru number. Which is your IDD and the country code with the local number.

Peru Exit Code

International access codes(IDD)

The Exit Code to opining international line from Peru to the board is 00 , you can use pluse + too if your device support typing pluse like mobile.
International Prefix:00Example. 00 [Country Code] [XXXXXXX}
National Prefix:0Example. 0 XXXXXXXX

How to Make Phone Calls to Peru?

To make call to Peru you need to type your country exit code like + or 00 then type Peru international dialing code 51 after that and finaly type the phone number you want to call.

How many digit is Peru phone number?

Fixed LineEight Digits.1123XXXX
MobileNine Digits.91234XXXX
Toll-freeEight Digits.8001XXXX

Note: Fixed line length can be Six and Seven Digits if you dialing another line in the same area.

Dialing Peru From Other Countries

CountryExit Code(IDD)Example
Ecuador0000 51 912 345XXXX
Bolivia++51 912 345XXXX
Colombia++51 912 345XXXX
Panama0000 51 912 345XXXX
Venezuela0000 51 912 345XXXX
Costa Rica0000 51 912 345XXXX
Paraguay0000 51 912 345XXXX
Guyana001001 51 912 345XXXX
Brazil++51 912 345XXXX
Suriname0000 51 912 345XXXX
Chile++51 912 345XXXX
Nicaragua0000 51 912 345XXXX
Trinidad and Tobago011011 51 912 345XXXX
Grenada011011 51 912 345XXXX
Honduras0000 51 912 345XXXX
El Salvador0000 51 912 345XXXX
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines011011 51 912 345XXXX
Argentina0000 51 912 345XXXX
Jamaica011011 51 912 345XXXX