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LiberiaLocal time in Liberia

Monrovia local time

04 : 00 : 24 PM
Saturday, February 24, 2024

Liberia Date And Time Formatting

Name Pattern Local Example
Culture: en-LR, en-US
Full Date: EEEE, d MMMM y Saturday, 24 February 2024
Long Date: d MMMM y 24 February 2024
Medium Date: d MMM y 24 Feb 2024
Short Date: dd/MM/y 24/02/2024
Full Time: h:mm:ss a zzzz 4:00:24 pm Greenwich Mean Time
Long Time: h:mm:ss a z 4:00:24 pm GMT
Medium Time: h:mm:ss a 4:00:24 pm
Short Time: h:mm a 4:00 pm
Time Format: 12 Hours Format 4:00 pm
Note: If you want to write the full Date Time for Liberia, you can use both (Full Date + Full Time) together to be EEEE, d MMMM y 'at' h:mm:ss a zzzz, so the full DateTime will be like
Saturday, 24 February 2024 at 4:00:24 pm Greenwich Mean Time
CultureInfo CultureInfo Class (System.Globalization) | Microsoft Learn

Local Time in the Cities of Liberia

In Liberia, all cities are based on Africa/Monrovia Time Zone with an offset of UTC+0. For more information on Time Zone, please visit the Time Zone Map.

City Local Time
Buchanan Sat04:00 PM
Kakata Sat04:00 PM
Monrovia Sat04:00 PM
River Cess Sat04:00 PM