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Moon in Africa countries

Countires of Africa

There are fifty-four sovereign countries on the Africa continent with independent central governments, and the list of countries may change over time depending on local politics.

Country ISO 3166-1 Moon direction Continually changing Moon degree Compass
Algeria DZ West Southwest (WSW) 253°
Angola AO East (E) 92°
Benin BJ West (W) 260°
Botswana BW East (E) 89°
Burkina Faso BF West (W) 259°
Burundi BI East (E) 96°
Cameroon CM East (E) 99°
Cape Verde CV West Southwest (WSW) 256°
Central African Republic CF East (E) 99°
Chad TD East Southeast (ESE) 102°
Comoros KM East (E) 93°
Democratic Republic of the Congo CD East (E) 96°
Djibouti DJ East Southeast (ESE) 102°
Egypt EG East Southeast (ESE) 107°
Equatorial Guinea GQ East (E) 97°
Eritrea ER East Southeast (ESE) 103°
Eswatini SZ East (E) 87°
Ethiopia ET East (E) 101°
Gabon GA East (E) 96°
Ghana GH West (W) 260°
Guinea GN West (W) 259°
Guinea-Bissau GW West Southwest (WSW) 258°
Ivory Coast CI West (W) 260°
Kenya KE East (E) 98°
Lesotho LS East (E) 86°
Liberia LR West (W) 260°
Libya LY East Southeast (ESE) 106°
Madagascar MG East (E) 90°
Malawi MW East (E) 92°
Mali ML West Southwest (WSW) 257°
Mauritania MR West Southwest (WSW) 255°
Mauritius MU East (E) 90°
Morocco MA West Southwest (WSW) 251°
Mozambique MZ East (E) 90°
Namibia NA East (E) 89°
Niger NE East Southeast (ESE) 102°
Nigeria NG East (E) 99°
Republic of the Congo CG East (E) 96°
Rwanda RW East (E) 96°
São Tomé and Príncipe ST East (E) 96°
Senegal SN West Southwest (WSW) 257°
Seychelles SC East (E) 95°
Sierra Leone SL West (W) 259°
Somalia SO East (E) 100°
South Africa ZA East (E) 86°
South Sudan SS East (E) 100°
Sudan SD East Southeast (ESE) 103°
Tanzania TZ East (E) 95°
The Gambia GM West Southwest (WSW) 257°
Togo TG West (W) 260°
Tunisia TN East Southeast (ESE) 107°
Uganda UG East (E) 98°
Zambia ZM East (E) 92°
Zimbabwe ZW East (E) 90°

Territories/Dependencies in Africa

Country ISO 3166-1 Moon direction Continually changing Moon degree Compass
Mayotte YT East (E) 93°
Réunion RE East (E) 89°
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha SH West (W) 268°
Western Sahara EH West Southwest (WSW) 253°