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Moon in North America countries

Countires of North America

There are twenty-three sovereign countries on the North America continent with independent central governments, and the list of countries may change over time depending on local politics.

Country ISO 3166-1 Moon direction Continually changing Moon degree Compass
Antigua and Barbuda AG East Southeast (ESE) 109°
Barbados BB East Northeast (ENE) 75°
Belize BZ East (E) 94°
Canada CA Southeast (SE) 134°
Costa Rica CR East (E) 81°
Cuba CU East Southeast (ESE) 107°
Dominica DM East (E) 97°
Dominican Republic DO East Southeast (ESE) 105°
El Salvador SV East (E) 88°
Grenada GD East Northeast (ENE) 71°
Guatemala GT East (E) 91°
Haiti HT East Southeast (ESE) 104°
Honduras HN East (E) 90°
Jamaica JM East (E) 99°
Mexico MX East (E) 100°
Nicaragua NI East (E) 87°
Panama PA East Northeast (ENE) 77°
Saint Kitts and Nevis KN East Southeast (ESE) 108°
Saint Lucia LC East (E) 84°
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines VC East Northeast (ENE) 76°
The Bahamas BS East Southeast (ESE) 115°
Trinidad and Tobago TT East Northeast (ENE) 61°
United States US East Southeast (ESE) 123°

Territories/Dependencies in North America

Country ISO 3166-1 Moon direction Continually changing Moon degree Compass
Anguilla AI East Southeast (ESE) 113°
Bermuda BM South Southeast (SSE) 151°
British Virgin Islands VG East Southeast (ESE) 111°
Caribbean Netherlands BQ East (E) 80°
Cayman Islands KY East (E) 101°
Greenland GL South (S) 188°
Guadeloupe GP East Southeast (ESE) 103°
Martinique MQ East (E) 91°
Montserrat MS East Southeast (ESE) 106°
Puerto Rico PR East Southeast (ESE) 107°
Saint Barthélemy BL East Southeast (ESE) 112°
Saint Martin MF East Southeast (ESE) 112°
Saint Pierre and Miquelon PM South (S) 177°
Sint Maarten SX East Southeast (ESE) 112°
Turks and Caicos Islands TC East Southeast (ESE) 113°
United States Virgin Islands VI East Southeast (ESE) 110°