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Countires of Europe

There are forty-three sovereign countries on the Europe continent with independent central governments, and the list of countries may change over time depending on local politics.

Country ISO 3166-1 Moon direction Continually changing Moon degree Compass
Albania AL South Southwest (SSW) 204°
Andorra AD South Southeast (SSE) 152°
Austria AT South (S) 184°
Belarus BY South Southwest (SSW) 204°
Belgium BE South Southeast (SSE) 167°
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA South Southwest (SSW) 195°
Bulgaria BG Southwest (SW) 214°
Croatia HR South (S) 188°
Cyprus CY West Southwest (WSW) 244°
Czech Republic CZ South (S) 188°
Estonia EE South Southwest (SSW) 197°
Finland FI South Southwest (SSW) 194°
France FR South Southeast (SSE) 159°
Germany DE South (S) 176°
Greece GR Southwest (SW) 217°
Hungary HU South Southwest (SSW) 195°
Iceland IS South Southeast (SSE) 152°
Ireland IE South Southeast (SSE) 150°
Italy IT South (S) 181°
Latvia LV South Southwest (SSW) 197°
Liechtenstein LI South (S) 175°
Lithuania LT South Southwest (SSW) 197°
Luxembourg LU South (S) 169°
Malta MT South Southwest (SSW) 193°
Moldova MD South Southwest (SSW) 212°
Monaco MC South Southeast (SSE) 168°
Montenegro ME South Southwest (SSW) 200°
North Macedonia MK South Southwest (SSW) 208°
Norway NO South (S) 179°
Poland PL South Southwest (SSW) 192°
Portugal PT Southeast (SE) 124°
Romania RO South Southwest (SSW) 208°
Russia RU Southwest (SW) 232°
San Marino SM South (S) 181°
Serbia RS South Southwest (SSW) 202°
Slovakia SK South Southwest (SSW) 195°
Slovenia SI South (S) 187°
Spain ES Southeast (SE) 137°
Sweden SE South (S) 183°
Switzerland CH South (S) 172°
Ukraine UA Southwest (SW) 214°
United Kingdom GB South Southeast (SSE) 159°
Vatican City VA South (S) 181°

Territories/Dependencies in Europe

Country ISO 3166-1 Moon direction Continually changing Moon degree Compass
Denmark DK South (S) 177°
Faroe Islands FO South Southeast (SSE) 160°
Gibraltar GI East Southeast (ESE) 123°
Guernsey GG South Southeast (SSE) 154°
Isle of Man IM South Southeast (SSE) 156°
Jersey JE South Southeast (SSE) 154°
Kosovo XK South Southwest (SSW) 204°
Netherlands NL South (S) 169°