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Moon in Asia countries

Countires of Asia

There are forty-eight sovereign countries on the Asia continent with independent central governments, and the list of countries may change over time depending on local politics.

Country ISO 3166-1 Moon direction Continually changing Moon degree Compass
Afghanistan AF West (W) 262°
Armenia AM West Southwest (WSW) 243°
Azerbaijan AZ West Southwest (WSW) 245°
Bahrain BH West (W) 270°
Bangladesh BD West (W) 271°
Bhutan BT West (W) 269°
Brunei BN West-Northwest (WNW) 282°
Cambodia KH West (W) 278°
China CN West (W) 263°
East Timor TL West-Northwest (WNW) 287°
Georgia GE West Southwest (WSW) 239°
India IN West (W) 273°
Indonesia ID West-Northwest (WNW) 285°
Iran IR West (W) 261°
Iraq IQ West Southwest (WSW) 256°
Israel IL West Southwest (WSW) 257°
Japan JP West (W) 265°
Jordan JO West Southwest (WSW) 257°
Kazakhstan KZ West Southwest (WSW) 244°
Kuwait KW West (W) 265°
Kyrgyzstan KG West Southwest (WSW) 254°
Laos LA West (W) 275°
Lebanon LB West Southwest (WSW) 250°
Malaysia MY West-Northwest (WNW) 284°
Maldives MV West-Northwest (WNW) 290°
Mongolia MN West Southwest (WSW) 254°
Myanmar MM West (W) 273°
Nepal NP West (W) 268°
North Korea KP West (W) 261°
Oman OM West (W) 277°
Pakistan PK West (W) 266°
Palestine PS West Southwest (WSW) 254°
Philippines PH West (W) 277°
Qatar QA West (W) 271°
Saudi Arabia SA West (W) 275°
Singapore SG West-Northwest (WNW) 285°
South Korea KR West (W) 264°
Sri Lanka LK West-Northwest (WNW) 286°
Syria SY West Southwest (WSW) 249°
Taiwan TW West (W) 271°
Tajikistan TJ West Southwest (WSW) 256°
Thailand TH West (W) 278°
Turkey TR West Southwest (WSW) 238°
Turkmenistan TM West Southwest (WSW) 252°
United Arab Emirates AE West (W) 273°
Uzbekistan UZ West Southwest (WSW) 252°
Vietnam VN West (W) 276°
Yemen YE West-Northwest (WNW) 287°

Territories/Dependencies in Asia

Country ISO 3166-1 Moon direction Continually changing Moon degree Compass
Hong Kong HK West (W) 272°
Macau MO West (W) 272°